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A few years ago, three determined CMU staff members set out to evaluate the state of leadership education at our university. They recognized a lack of interest among students about how to become a better leader. To combat this, they formed the Carnegie Leadership Consultants, a group of student leaders who could help their peers grow as leaders based on their own experiences (and a little bit of theory). They gave us the freedom to shape our organization to best serve our peers and the responsibility to support all students on their leadership journey.

Since then, we have experimented with the best ways to bring valuable leadership development opportunities to students from open workshops to consultations to large events with invited speakers. We are constantly learning from our past and present work to better serve the community in the future.



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Connect with us to explore how we could collaborate and bring value to your organization. We will work with you to develop a custom program for your organization to help your members grow personally and professionally or support your executive board as you navigate a challenge.



Our Team

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Heitho Shipp

Heitho Shipp is a sophomore studying Behavioral Economics, Policy and Organizations with an additional major in Business Administration. Her other consulting position is as an Applications Consultant for CollegeVine, where she advising high school students in their college applications process. She is a research assistant for the D3 Research Lab in Social and Decision Sciences. She also led a research team in a project about diversity in the media. Heitho is on the CMU Climbing Team, where she competes in bouldering competitions. Over the summer, she worked as the marketing intern for a small business in Columbus, Ohio, helping them establish a marketing department. She led the organization Teens Against Prejudice at her high school, which acted as a liaison between students and faculty regarding issues of diversity, invited many high-impact speakers to campus, and led meetings for the student body. She has been to multiple conferences, such as the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, the Youth Action Project, and the Marist Diversity Project.

When she is not in the climbing gym, Heitho can be found combing through a record store or bookstore; the two places she feels like home in any city.

Activities & Affiliations

• CMU Women's Varsity Soccer Team
• Research Assistant to Professor Babcock in diversity
•Head of Teens Against Prejudice
•Student Diversity Leadership Conference
•Youth Action Project
•Marist Diversity Project

Mosaic Commitee, CMU climbing team

Areas of Focus

•Social Change Marketing
•Diversity and Inclusion
•Lightning Talks




Alessandra Tully

Ally is a Sophomore majoring in Business Administration with an IDeATe minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She is interested in consulting and the way organizations structure themselves to suit their specific business models and to maximize efficiency across all kinds of industries.

This past summer, she studied abroad at the London School of Economics. She is currently on the Track & Field team and participates in the shot put, discus, and hammer events.

Areas of Focus

•Time Management & Efficiency
•Structure & Organization
•Strategy & Planning

Activities & Affiliations

• CMU Varsity Track & Field Team
• Alpha Kappa Psi – Secretary and Corporate Relations Chair
• Kappa Kappa Gamma
• TLC Workshop Content Creator and Presenter
•Executive of Horace Greeley High School’s Science Olympiad
•IEEE Services Conference       

Surya Singla.png


Surya Singla

Surya Singla is a Junior in Information Systems, pursuing a double major in Computer Science. He has been on multiple dance teams in both dancer and management roles, and he is co-teaching a StuCo on Game of Thrones. He has also been an Orientation Counselor for CMU, and is dedicated to empowering the CMU community through inclusion and positivity.

Activities & Affiliations

•Game of Thrones StuCo Co-Teacher
•Orientation Counselor
•Teaching Assistant
•Squadron Commander for Springboro High School’s Air Force JROTC unit
•Dancer, logistics manager, and assistant manager for Sahara
•Mock Trial
•Ultimate Frisbee
•Research Assistant for OH! Lab

Areas of Focus

•Organization Restructuring and Realignment
•Intra-hierarchical Communication
•Empowering Leadership through Mentor Connections




Sasha Volodin

Sasha is a junior studying Information Systems and Business Administration. She is interested in consulting as a potential career path, which she got to explore through her internship with Booz Allen Hamilton this past summer. On campus, she is on the leadership team of the American Marketing Assocation and CIA Buggy, and is also involved with research in Organizational Behavior. Her goal as a CLC is to help student organizations build cohesive teams and increase member engagement.

Areas of Focus

•Recruitment and Retention
•Public Relations
•Team Building 


Activities & Affiliations

•American Marketing Association (AMA) – Co-VP of Case Competitions
•CIA Buggy – PR Chair, Alumni Relations Chair
•Research Assistant – Organizational Behavior & Theory Dept., Tepper School of Business


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Olivia Schappell

Olivia is a junior double major in Decision Science and Policy and Management.  This past summer she worked as a management consulting intern doing project work on employee training and marketing initiatives. On campus Olivia has been involved in a variety of organizations and activities- from varsity athletics to the arts.  She is especially interested in the study of leaders and managers and how the decisions they make impact people and outcomes.

Activities & Affiliations

•Research Assistant in a study on healthy decision making by young women
•Delta Gamma Sorority - Honor Board
•Greek Sing Chair

•Women's Varsity Volleyball team
•Smart Woman Securities
•Academic Advisory Center Assistant Dietrich College

Areas of Focus

•Motivation and Teamwork
•Problem Solving
•Listening and persuasive communication




Riva Fouzdar, Jarrek Holmes, Lorraine Zhang, Sasha Volodin, Saniya Agarwal

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